About us

The Esther Benjamin Memorial Foundation (EBMF), established in 2007 AD is a non-profit making, non-political, non-sectarian and Non-Government Organisation (NGO). The main objective of the organisation is to protect the children from trafficking.  Since its establishment, it has been working  in partnership  with Esther Benjamins Trust, UK and has been involvied in rescuing the children from circuses and other places where the children were in difficult conditions. It has been promoting the protection and development of “at risk children” in partnership with Esther Benjamins Trust UK. EBMF has a successful history of giving a much meaningful life to over 600 children who were rescued from circuses, jail, carpet and other different places and successfully reintegrated to their family and/or society. The organisation has also provided supports to children and youths for education and skill training.

EBMF has been applying different strategies to prevent children from trafficking.  In order to keep the children safe in schools via educational opportunity, the organisation has been providing scholastic bursaries supports to around 500 needy and/or at risk children in the community schools of Makawanpur district every year.  Local Government Schools have been supported in Makawanpur District for ‘Basic infra-structure’, ‘Health and Hygiene’ and ‘Mid-Day Meal’ encapsulating awareness knowledge on ‘Anti-Trafficking’ in these local schools and communities.

The organisation has a high respect to the rights of the children and always promotes their fundamental rights to be with their own family and their native community. Therefore, EBMF has been reintegrating the children with their family or nearest kin. We are also working with the family of reintegrated children to improve their livelihood situations so that they can become self-sustaining family and fulfill their needs by themselves.